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Vinyl: VERY RARE Strawbs 'Strawberry Music Sampler No. 1' LP Vinyl Album ORIGINAL 1969

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18 Nov 2021
08 Nov 2021
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United Kingdom
Strawberry Music Ltd
United Kingdom
World Music
Folk Rock
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A rare find indeed... an original LP album released by The Strawbs in 1969, under their own label, 'Strawberry Music Ltd', as a sampler of their own music. Only 99 copies were ever produced, and the whereabouts of only 7 are currently known.
The group, The Strawbs, visited our folk club, Pipers, at Botallack near St Just, Land's End in Cornwall, a couple of times in the late 1960s. The club was run by my mother, Brenda Wootton, known to many since as Cornwall's First Lady of Song and a worldwide musical and cultural ambassador for Cornwall. The Strawbs stayed with us when appearing at the club in 1968 and again in 1969, at which time it is likely they gave Brenda a copy of their new sampler LP - or maybe she bought it.

This album has been stored in her record collection ever since, which I inherited on her death in 1994, and has now come to light.

The LP itself is in near mint condition with no visible scratches; the cover is a little grubby, but intact, and so is the inner sleeve. There are five small faint 'x' biro marks against tracks listed on the front sleeve. There is an address label for Brenda, with her address at that time, attached to the front of the cover.

All I Need Is You
Stay Awhile With Me
Sail Away To The Sea
Two Weeks Last Summer
Nothing Else Will Do
Who Knows Where The Time Goes
I've Been My Own Worst Friend
I Turned My Face Into The Wind
On Growing Older
And You Need Me
Ah Me, Ah My
And You Need Me / Josephine For Better Or For Worse
Just The Same In Every Way
How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite
Young Again
Whichever Way The Wind Blows

Conductor (string section): Sven Lundvig
Drums: Ken Gudmand
Vocals, guitar: Sandy Denny, Tony Hooper
Vocals, guitar, banjo: Dave Cousins

The album is an original pressing, and the run off text on side 1 is 1-A, and on side 2 is 1-B. If it is sold in the UK, it will be mailed by Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery.

Will post internationally - contact me for the cost to ship your country BEFORE bidding.