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Vinyl: Banksy DJ DM 'Laugh Now' Collection - All 4 Colours in Immaculate Condition.

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7,500.00 GBP
(10,172.98 USD)
7,500.00 GBP
09 Nov 2021
04 Nov 2021
3 bids
United Kingdom
Not On Label
Rap & Hip-Hop
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Banksy - 'Laugh Now' Collection
I have for sale the full collection of all four colours of the Banksy DJ DM 'Laugh Now' vinyl set, this comes with the original Juno Records purchase receipt.

These have been graded by a professional vinyl grading company, the sleeves have been graded as immaculate and a couple vinyl as near mint due to a couple hairline scratches.

If you would like to know more please contact:

wallstreetart @ out

Also I have other art for sale on my site Wallstreetart . co . uk so please check it out and contact me if interested.

Thank you for looking :)