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Vinyl: Elvis Presley ‎– Elvis Is Back! ORANGE VINYL LP NEW SEALED

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49.95 AUD
04 May 2021
16 Apr 2021
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Elvis Presley
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Elvis Presley ‎– Elvis Is Back! ORANGE VINYL LP NEW SEALED

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Chucky's Comments:

Title: Elvis Presley ‎– Elvis Is Back!

Barcode: 8436559464659


Condition: NEW

Track Listing:

A1 Make Me Know It 2:02
A2 Fever 3:35
A3 The Girl Of My Best Friend 2:24
A4 I Wil Be Home Again 2:36
A5 Dirty, Dirty Feeling 1:36
A6 Thrill Of Your Love 3:03
A7 It's Now Or Never 3:17
A8 Stuck On You 2:21
B1 Soldier Boy 3:07
B2 Such A Night 3:02
B3 It Feels So Right 2:11
B4 Girl Next Door Went A' Walking 2:15
B5 Like A Baby 2:42
B6 Reconsider Baby 3:42
B7 A Mess Of Blues 2:41
B8 I Gotta Know 2:16

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