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Floppy Disk: DAVID BOWIE Outside screensaver promo floppy disc free shipping

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67.66 USD
19.99 USD
05 Jun 2020
26 May 2020
4 bids
David Bowie
Floppy Disk
Rock & Pop
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Free shipping from Switzerland . priority mail .

DAVID BOWIE : outside . screensaver . floppy disc ( PC i suppose )

got this in the mid 90' from somebody working with BMG Ariola . nothing specific on the net . you can download for free " outside " screensavers somewhere , but this is the real object . never used it . so i do not know what's in it .

will somebody want it ?

FREE shipping from Switzerland as priority mail .

please be patient , at the moment delays may occur for delivery

due to the current situation ,swiss post do not ship to Central and South America for the time being .

Paypal .

payment to expected within seven days after date of invoice

buy with confidence . there is always a friendly solution to all problem.