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CD: MICA-0370-1 Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack Multi-Dimensional Miya Records
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22.00 USD
01 May 2016
25 Apr 2016
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Hong Kong
Brand New
Miya Records
Children's Children's
Soundtrack Soundtrack
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Miya Records is a known Asian bootlegs company.
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MICA-0370-1 Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack Multi-Dimensional Miya Records
Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack Multi-Dimensional

MICA-0370-1 Miya Records Co.,LTD [ 2 Discs ]

Barcode 4719314020715 MADE IN TAIWAN

Disc 1Disc 2
01 SA2 ...Main Riff for "Sonic Adventure 2" 0:2301 Vengence Is Mine ...For Radical Highway 2:32
02 Event: Let's Make It! 0:4602 Rhythm And Balance ...For White Jungle 2:28
03 Escape From The City ...For City Escape 2:1803 Mr.Unsmiley ...For Sky Rail 1:50
04 The Mad Convoy Race ...For City Escape 0:4904 The Supernatural ...For Final Chase 2:49
05 That's The Way I Like It ...For Metal Harbor 2:4405 For True Story ...For Sonic Vs. Shadow 2:32
06 Can't Stop, So What!? ...For Metal Harbor 0:5406 Event: Conquest 1:34
07 Won't Stop, Just Go! ...For Green Forest 2:2907 Hey You! It's Time To Speed Up Again!!! 0:27
08 Keys The Ruin ...For Pyramid Cave3:2708 Still Invincible ...No Fear! 0:57
09 Unstable World ...For Crazy Gadget2:5209 Advertise: Rhythmic Passage 1:08
10 Highway In The Sky ...For Final Rush2:5910 Boss: Suitable Opponent 1:59
11 Boss: -GUN- Mobile 1:5611 Remember Me? - M.F.M. ...For Iron Gate 2:21
12 Advertise: SA2 ...In The groove 2:0912 Way To The Base ...For Sand Ocean 2:53
13 Event: Strategy 1:2813 Trespasser ...For Lost Colony 2:26
14 This Way Out ...For Prison Lane 3:1214 Crush'em All ...For Weapons Bed 1:50
15 Rumbling HWY ...For Mission Street 2:4715 Soarin' Over The Space ...For Cosmic Wall 3:05
16 Chasing Drive ...For Kart 2:4316 Event: 3 Black Noises [Revival... Chaos Control... Reflection] 5:20
17 Down In The Base ...For Hidden Base3:3517 Advertise: SA2 Ver.C 0:27
18 On The Edge ...For Eternal Engine 2:5318 Event: Sonic Vs. Shadow 1:19
19 Advertise: SA2 Ver.B 0:2819 Bright Sound ...For Dry Lagoon 3:35
20 Kick The Rock! ...For Wild Canyon 3:1620 Lovely Gate 3 ...For Egg Quarters 3:18
21 A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...For Pumpkin Hill 3:2421 I'm A Spy ...For Security Hall 3:38
22 Dive Into The Mellow ...For Aquatic Mine 3:3822 34^(o)N, 12^(o)E ...For Mad Space 3:33
23 Deeper ...For Death Chamber 4:0823 Event: The Base 1:54
24 Space Trip Steps ...For Meteor Herd 3:3124 Boss: Shut Up Faker! 1:43
25 Boss: Masters Of The Desert 2:0625 Scramble For The Core ...For Cannon's Core Ver.1 2:03
26 Event: Reunion 0:4226 Cooperation ...For Cannon's Core Ver.2 2:00
27 Advertise: Prof.Omochao 1:3027 Deep Inside Of... ...For Cannon's Core Ver.3 3:18
28 Chao Race Extended Mix [Chao's Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix]6:4528 Supporting Me ...For Biolizard 3:29
29 Chao Garden Extended Mix [Chao's Wack-Wack Up & Down The Ground Mix]8:1029 Event: Madness 1:48
30 Event: The Last Scene 3:37
31 Live & Learn ...Main Theme Of "Sonic Adventure 2" 4:28

Total 60 tracks ~100% New~

Brand New !! Factory Sealed!

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