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T-Shirt: SALE Lot Radiohead 2008, Nine Inch Nails 2005 & The Plant Studios 3 T Shirts

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08 Feb 2024
29 Jan 2024
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SALE Lot Radiohead 2008, Nine Inch Nails 2005 & The Plant Studios 3 T Shirts
It was a common practice for the participants of Rock Tour productions to produce items that would identify the individuals as part of the tour and have items for the Road crew, Band and management like T-shirts, Hats and travel gear [bags] produced for the tour. Many of the items indicated with the name of the actual production company the individual was with along with indication that they were part of the crew or staff. Wearing these items helped security identify that the person was part of the tour. The item here is part of a large collection from one of the participants that produced the videos for the tour. These SWAG items are very rare and highly sought after.
Offered here is a Radiohead "It Our Tour 2008 " Heather Grey T Shirt, NIN [Nine Inch Nails] 2005 Black T Shirt & The Plant Studios Grey T Shirt issued to the Crew and not available to the general public. See photos for new condition and size.

Radiohead, an alternative rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, have had concerts and other live performances in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and South America.[1] The band's line-up has been constant since its founding, consisting of Thom Yorke (vocals and guitar), Jonny Greenwood (guitar), Ed O'Brien (guitar), Colin Greenwood (bass guitar), and Phil Selway (drums). The role that each band member plays during performances has changed dramatically throughout the band's history. Drummer and percussionist Clive Deamer has joined Radiohead for performances since the release of their 2011 album The King of Limbs.

Radiohead formed under the name On a Friday in 1986 and performed shows in the Oxford area under this name until 1991. They toured extensively across the United States and Europe in support of their debut album, Pablo Honey and their performances were credited for the success of Pablo Honey and their debut single "Creep". Radiohead toured widely in support of The Bends and its singles.

The In Rainbows tour started in May 2008 in the US, continued in Europe, returned to the US and Canada. After this the band performed in Japan in October, finishing the first half of the tour. The tour continued in 2009 starting in Latin America with Kraftwerk as guests, and ended in September 2009 after over 60 shows worldwide.[73][74]

Offered here is a NIN Nine Inch Nail's "Live With Teeth 2005" Tour Black Shirt issued to the Crew and not available to the general public SWAG. See photos for new condition and size.

Nine Inch Nail's 2005-2006 "Live: With Teeth" tour has finally set a date to , February 27, and is proudly proclaiming by its press release as the first music DVD to hit all three at once. Unfortunately it appears that Trent Reznor and crew have been somewhat who did the triple-release music DVD thing way back in October of 2006, who only made their debut after in September. Still, NIN fans should be excited to get the disc on any format they choose, or check it out early at any of a number of listening parties scheduled around the country.

Offered also is a Grey The Plant Studios Records T Shirt.

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