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CD: Mozart Beethoven Wagner Abbado Karajan Sinopoli 22 DG L'Oiseau CD W Germany

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54.99 USD
54.99 USD
03 Sep 2023
02 Sep 2023
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United States
Very Good
Richard Wagner
Deutsche Grammophon
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This auction is for 12 Deutsche Grammophon, 6 L'OIseau Lyre, 2 Archiv and 2 Telarc CDs. All CDs are made in West Germany, except for the Telarc which are Made in Japan. What is pictured is included. The discs have a few light scratches that do not affect play. The front inserts have some light creases, and some light tab indents. The cases have some scratches. Please look at the pictures. Shipping is listed above.