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Cassette: Holy Rare 1997 Slim Shady EP Produced by Web Entertainment

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29 Sep 2022
23 Sep 2022
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Slim Shady
Rap & Hip-Hop
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2."Low Down, Dirty"

Denaun PorterKuniva


3."If I Had..."DJ Rec4:06

4."Just Don't Give a F$ck"Denaun Porter4:00

5."Mommy" (skit) 0:39

6."Just the Two of Us"DJ Head4:20

7."No One's Iller" (featuring Swifty McVay, Bizarre and Fuzz Scoota of D12)DJ Head4:58

8."Murder, Murder"DJ Rec4:40

9."If I Had..." (radio edit)DJ Rec4:01

10."Just Don't Give a #[email protected]!" (radio edit)Denaun Porter4:03

Total length:36:39


This demo cassette tape was personally handed out directly from Eminem himself back in 1997! It was at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit Michigan during an ICP concert! Em was walking down the line of people that was waiting outside to get in the venue, trying to sell these cassettes for $2.00 each. He was unsigned at the time so not many people bought the cassette, because nobody knew who he was. It was limited to 500 cassettes and it's believed that Eminem sold less than 250 of these cassettes. Most of them were heavily played or ruined over the years. THIS IS A TRUE, RARE SURVIVOR! It has the original jewel case, original cassette, and original inlay and has been stored inside a tote in a climate controlled environment. It has been fully play tested for the entire cassette on a clean, high end cassette deck. It played flawlessly throughout both sides with no audio dropouts, or changes in sound. The cassette has some letter fading & the inlay is in excellent condition. Item being sold as is for collector purposes only. Please see photos prior to purchase as they are part of the description.

Courtesy of Wiki:

"Eminem first introduced his "Slim Shady" persona on the EP. Since the EP was released before he was signed to Interscope and Aftermath, original copies are now highly valued. His lyrics are a marked departure from those found on Infinite, featuring constant references to drug use, sexual acts, mental instability, and over-the-top violence. Another departure was his exploration of more serious themes of dealing with poverty, his direct and self-deprecating response to criticism, and of marital and family difficulties. His flow is also noticeably different from Infinite where critics claimed he sounded too much like Nas and AZ. Eminem also began utilizing story telling on this EP. The production value of the music on the tracks — from previous collaborators DJ Head, The Bass Brothers, and Mr. Porter — was also noticeably higher than on prior album efforts. According to Billboard, at this point in his life Eminem had "realized his musical ambitions were the only way to escape his unhappy life".

Background and production:

In 1996, his debut album Infinite, which was recorded at the Basement, a recording studio owned by the Bass Brothers, was released under their independent label Web Entertainment.[1] Infinite achieved little commercial success and was largely ignored by Detroit radio stations, such as WJLB (97.9 FM in Detroit), and in specific tracks Eminem raps explicitly about this problem, like in "Just Don't Give a Fuck" "If I Had" and "Low Down, Dirty". The disappointment from this experience greatly influenced his lyrical style: "After that record, every rhyme I wrote got angrier and angrier. A lot of it was because of the feedback I got. Motherfuckers was like, 'You're a white boy, what the fuck are you rapping for? Why don't you go into rock & roll?' All that type of shit started pissing me off."[2] After the release of Infinite, Eminem's personal struggles and abuse of drugs and alcohol culminated in a suicide attempt: all these troubles became main themes of Slim Shady EP.[3]

The disappointment of Infinite inspired Eminem to create the alter ego Slim Shady: "Boom, the name hit me, and right away I thought of all these words to rhyme with it".[2] Slim Shady served as Eminem's vent for his frustrations, and in 1997, he released the horrorcore extended play entitled Slim Shady EP simultaneously on cassette, vinyl, and CD.[4] During this time, Eminem and his wife Kim Scott lived in a high-crime neighborhood with their newborn daughter Hailie, where their house was burglarized numerous times.[2] After being evicted from his home, Eminem traveled to Los Angeles to participate in the Rap Olympics, an annual nationwide rap battle competition.[2] He placed second, and the staff at Interscope Records who attended the Rap Olympics sent a copy of the Slim Shady EP to company CEO Jimmy Iovine.[2] Iovine played the tape for record producer Dr. Dre, founder of Aftermath Entertainment. Dr. Dre recalled, "In my entire career in the music industry, I have never found anything from a demo tape or a CD. When Jimmy played this, I said, 'Find him. Now.'"[2] Eminem and Dr. Dre subsequently began work on his major-label debut album The Slim Shady LP.

Slim Shady EP is the first and to date only extended play by American rapper Eminem, released on December 10, 1997 through the Detroit-based record label Web Entertainment. Unlike Infinite, Slim Shady EP helped Eminem gain the interest of CEO Jimmy Iovine (co-founder of Interscope Records) and West Coast hip-hop producer Dr. Dre, who subsequently signed Eminem to his Aftermath Entertainment record label, and served as executive producer on his major-label debut album The Slim Shady LP (1999)."

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