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Vinyl: Bob Dylan The Cutting Edge 1965-1966 Collector's Edition 18 CD Box/Vinyl M-

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1,000.00 USD
1,000.00 USD
25 Nov 2021
15 Nov 2021
1 bid
United States
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Bob Dylan
Folk Rock
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Full Content of the Box Set and Related Downloads:

- Certificate of Authenticity: Numbered certificates 1 to 5,000. #1249 (Limited to 5000 copies worldwide)

- Film Cells: Set of ‘Don’t Look Back’ film cells, each set being unique. Mounted in 11” x 11” card housing.

- Book #1: 'Bob Dylan - Mixing Up The Medicine 1965 - 1966' Photo Book - 11” x 11” Hardcover 170 pages

- Book #2: ‘Bob Dylan 1965-1966’ Unreleased sessions from three LPs Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde. Large format CD digipak housing 18 x CDs with full track-listing. Total 379 tracks. 10” x 10” Hardcover 18 cardboard pages.

- Book #3: ‘Bob Dylan 1965-1966’ Background to recordings with track-listing and sessions dates. 9” x 9” Hardcover 72 pages.

- Vinyl Audio: 9 x 7” Reproduction of 1965-67 worldwide releases complete with sleeves.

- Record Spindle: Leopard-skin printed spindle.

- Each physical component of the box (with the exception of the spindle) has a preceding sheet of glassine (or greaseproof) paper layered between one item and the next as each is removed. The sheets are printed with pictures and text previewing the content beneath. Excluding the Certificate of Authenticity there are a total of 5 sheets.