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Vinyl: Extradition - Hush LP (OG - Sweet Peach, 1971) Rare OZ Psych Folk

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3,498.81 AUD
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1,000.00 AUD
10 Jun 2021
31 May 2021
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Sweet Peach
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Exceedingly Rare OG Pressing of Australian Psych Folk Classic.
This is a holy grail for many.

There isn't much to say, if you're here and considering buying this you know what it is.
This is in extremely good condition (as the photos will show.)

The labels are close to perfect.
The surface is dark and glossy and plays very clean.
There are all but to be expected traces of surface noise on a record of this age.
Since the record came in to my possession I have played it only once, to archive digitally.

I will provide the audio samples to genuine buyers, otherwise you can stream this legally on most streaming platforms.

The cover has some ringwear and markings, but is crisp and solid.
There is a dent on the front that pushs through to the reverse side of the gatefold cover.
There is a close up of both sides of this in the photos, there are no rips here, looks like something has pushed against it.

The gatefold glue is slightly separated at the edge showing what seems to be the inner sleeve printed again!
I don't know if this was a misprint across all copies or just this one. I have nothing to compare it to.

There is a slight tear in the gatefold fold. Photos show this. There is a little bit of seam splitting at the top


The buyer must contact me before paying as insurance costs etc need to be worked out.
The vinyl will be shipped outside of the sleeve in a new inner (to prevent further seam splits) in a new commercial mailer.
(ie. not a pizza box or between a folded piece of cardboard gaffa taped together.)

This is available to Australian and International bidders.

This will not be posted without the insurance of the final sale price.


I hope I have covered all bases, as a rule I am a record lover, not a dealer, I am hesitant to label the
condition as VG, VG+ etc because that leaves me open to one person hearing a pop I didn't and getting all internetty.

All I can do is provide you with the photographs and the audio (if you wish) and you can bid as your heart sees fit.

Good Luck.