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Vinyl: Wyzard Texas Metal Band Future Knights ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE. Excellent

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1,825.00 USD
1,299.00 USD
02 Jan 2020
26 Dec 2019
11 bids
United States
Brand New
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Wyzard....A Texas Metal Band. Original press release 8/27/1983. This EP is in excellent and new condition. Original wrapping and all corners also in excellent condition. This original press is one of the most sought out records and is known for selling more than $1800.00. I do own the last of these original EP’s and will only be selling a few of these and then going back in the VAULT for another few decades. You will own a piece of Texas Metal history. This original press recently made it in to the
Institute of Texan cultures which is something these guys are very proud to be a part of. GOOD LUCK and happy bidding.