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16 mm film: 16mm Film: Music From Oil Drums 1956 Seeger 15m 11s B/W sound VIDEO EVAL

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13 Dec 2017
27 May 2016
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United States
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16 mm film
Trinidad and Tobago
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Analog Entertainment At It’s Best!

16mm Film: Music From Oil Drums

1956 Seeger 15m 11s

Print circa: 1960 on 1 600’ reel.

Better than vinyl, this is Vintage 16mm film!

>>> Ships free within the USA via USPS Media Mail <<<

Director: Pete Seeger, Toshi Seeger

Writer: Marcel Ichac, Dena Burger

Cinematography: Pete Seeger, Toshi Seeger

Production Co: Folkways Records & Services

Release Date: 1956

Sound Mix: Mono single track optical variable area (diamond/waveform)

Runtime: 17 min 39 sec @ 24 fps (w/o leader, +/- projector variance)

Color: Black and White

Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1

Film Stock: 34 3M Safety (circa 1960)

Splice Count: 0 - No splices with full printer leaders.

Odors: No odors.

Containment: 1 steel 600’ reel, no can.

Item Weight: 1 lbs 14 oz

Shipping Dimensions: 3 lbs, 2 oz, 12”x12”x4” in all new professional packaging.

Trinidad Orquesta de Oil!

Music From Oil Drums - 1956 - Seeger - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Every frame is visible: best to watch it!

(Please use controls lower right of video to view full screen in 1080 HD)

This is a vintage print in Like New condition.

Condition Remarks: Like new, due to no spices, clean and flat projection. A no problem print. Professionally cleaned on a dry-silicone reverse-wiping system. Stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment both before and after I acquired it in 1998.

This spontaneous documentary shows another of Pete Seeger’s passions for exotic music. The urban poor of Trinidad, faced with prohibition of traditional instruments created an entirely new musical instrument and form of musical expression. The film documents his finding of musicians and manufacturers of the instrument and the techniques of making Oil Drum Marimbas in several forms. After a performance accenting the various styles, we see the Seegers’ efforts to recreate the instrument at his music camp back in the States.

The video clip is done by re-photography, not a proper telecine: most of the flicker you see is from the crude video transfer. The clip is meant to be viewed in 1080 HD and includes photos of reel, cans, leaders, edge #s and all detected splices, which precede the film in six segments shown concurrently with full-frame segments interspersed. I strongly recommend viewing the video by clicking the Youtube icon, which will open a new window to view on youtube, and giving you better video controls than the imbedded player provides. Stills are screen grabs from Final Cut, de-interlaced by duplication, so the resolution is half as sharp as the film. Photographs of reels and cans are done on one inch pegboard background for scale. Leader / splice / edge # images made against fluorescent background and may vary slightly in color balance.


Why do you charge so much? Because these are rare quality prints of historic films, fully white-glove inspected with all flaws disclosed. Prints are from reliable distributors of the golden age of 16mm film (1950s-1980s), not from seconds houses, not from knock houses.

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Do I have to take the can? Yes, you do, both for shipping protection and for preservation. (It doesn’t weigh that much compared to the film.)

Is there a cheaper way to ship overseas? Not without insurance and delivery confirmation, both required for buyer and seller protection.

Why is there foam padding in the cans? To protect the film in shipping. The foam is not archival and should be removed before storage.

Why do the photos show a lot of reels and cans? I show both sides of all reels and both sides of each can half.

Do I have to use Paypal? Yes, you do.

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Is there anything else you can tell me about this item? Let your eyes be your guide: consult the photos and video for full disclosure of anything overlooked in the text description.

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To those who collect vintage 16mm:

We are at the thin tail end of an era.

Few labs process film anymore.

Far fewer process motion-picture film.

Fewer still process 16mm.

These reels are becoming irreplaceable artifacts.

Evidence in the evolution of perceptual design.

Bag them for study by your conceptual archeologist.

They are but feathers left by the wings of mind.