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Vinyl: 110 Music Matters Blue Note 45rpm 2xLP Reissue Lot Set #39 MMJ Jazz Mint Rare LP Rare Review Copies w/ Excl. Blue Note Plastylite Labels

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10,000.00 USD
100.00 USD
01 Feb 2024
25 Jan 2024
53 bids
United States
Brand New
Various Blue Note Artists
Music Matters
Traditional Jazz
Relisted From
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Introducing an extraordinary treasure trove of Music Matters ultra limited edition first-off-the-line press review vinyl, guaranteed to make the hearts of jazz vinyl aficionados race with excitement.

For your bidding pleasure, we have 110 of the 112 titles from Music Matters' Blue Note Definitive 45 RPM Reissue Series (All Numbered 39)! Originally reserved for use as press review copies of the Music Matters jazz catalogue, each title features true-to-original Blue Note Plastylite test pressing labels exclusive to press and internal Music Matters team. Each record of this critically acclaimed record series is packaged in Music Matters' standard-setting double gatefold packaging printed by Stoughton with original sleeve and insert. Each title is presented on 2 X 45RPM 12" vinyl LPs pressed at RTI.

These remarkable records are sourced from a prominent figure in the jazz and audiophile vinyl world, renowned for his discerning taste and unwavering dedication to the genre.

Whether you're a seasoned jazz aficionado or an audiophile vinyl enthusiast taking your first steps into the world of jazz, the Music Matters catalogue promises an immersive auditory journey through the annals of this iconic genre. Given the increasing scarcity of Music Matters jazz vinyl and the added allure of numbered press copies / test pressings in unplayed condition, these sets are expected to vanish quickly.

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1Andrew Hill - Point Of Departure1Y
2Andrew Hill “Judgment!”1N
3Art Blakey - Free For All1Y
4Art Blakey - Mosaic1N
5Art Blakey - The Big Beat
6Art Blakey -Like Someone In Love1Y
7Art Blakey & The Jazz… -Indestructible1Y
8Art Blakey- Night in Tunisia1Y
9Blue Mitchell The Thing To Do1Y
10Bobby Hutcherson The Happenings1Y
11Cliff Jordan - Cliff Craft1Y
12Clifford Brown Memorial Album1Y
13Curtis Fuller - The Opener1N
14Dexter Gordon - A Swingin' Affair1Y
15Dexter Gordon - Doin' All Right1Y
16Dexter Gordon - Gettin' Around1N
17Dexter Gordon Our Man In Paris1Y
18Dizzy Reece - Star Bright1Y
19Donald Byrd - Byrd In Hand1Y
20Donald Byrd - Royal Flush1Y
21Donald Byrd - The Cat Walk1Y
22Elvin Jones Genesis1Y
23Elvin Jones- Puttin' It Together1Y
24Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch1Y
25Freddie Hubbard - Here To Stay1N
26Freddie Hubbard - Open Sesame1Y
27Freddie Hubbard Goin' Up1Y
28Freddie Hubbard Ready For Freddie1Y
29Freddie Redd - Shades of Redd1Y
30Gil Melle - Patterns In Jazz1N
31Grachan Moncur III – Evolution1Y
32Grant Green - Solid1Y
33Grant Green - Street Of Dreams1YINDENT TOP RIGHT
34Grant Green - Talkin' About!1Y
35Grant Green – Matador1Y
36Grant Green “Gooden's Corner”1N
37Hank Mobley - Roll /td> Y
38Hank Mobley - Sextet1Y
39Hank Mobley - Soul Station1Y
40Hank Mobley - The Quintet1Y
41Hank Mobley Quintet “The Feelin’s Good”1N
42Hank Mobly -Another Workout1Y
43Herbie Hancock - Inventions And Dimensions1YPLASTIC OPEN A BIT BOTTOM RIGHT
44Herbie Hancock – “Speak Like A Child”1N
45Herbie Hancock “Takin' Off”1N
46Herbie Hancock Empyrean Isles1Y
47Horace Parlan - Happy Frame Of Mind1N
48Horace Parlan - On The Spur of The Moment1Y
49Horace Parlan - Us Three1Y
50Horace Parlan – Speakin’ My Piece1Y
51Horace Parlan Headin' South1NCORNER DING LOWER LEFT
52Horace Silver - Finger Poppin’1Y
53Horace Silver - Song For My Father1Y
54Horace Silver - The Stylings Of Silver1Y
55Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers1N
56Horace Silver Six Pieces Of Silver1Y
57Horace Silver- The Cape Verdean Blues1Y
58Ike Quebec - Easy Living1NCORNER BEND BOTTOM LEFT
59J.R. Monterose - J.R. Monterose1Y
60Jackie McLean - Bluesnik1Y
61Jackie McLean - Destination Out1Y
62Jackie McLean - Swing, Swang, Swingin'1Y
63Jackie McLean One Step Beyond1Y
64Jazz Messengers -At The Café Bohemia, Vol. 11N
65Jazz Messengers -At The Café Bohemia, Vol. 21N
66Joe Henderson - In ‘N Out1Y
67Joe Henderson - Inner Urge1Y
68Joe Henderson - Mode For Joe1N
69Joe Henderson - Our Thing1Y
70John Jenkins Kenny Burrell1Y
71Johnny Coles - Little Johnny C1N
72Johnny Griffin - The Congregation1Y
73Johnny Griffin- A Blowin' Session1Y
74Kenny Burrell - Freedom1Y
75Kenny Dorham - 'Round About Midnight...1Y
76Kenny Dorham - Afro-Cuban1Y
77Kenny Dorham - Una Mas1Y
78Kenny Drew - Undercurrent
79Larry Young - Into Somethin’1Y
80Larry Young - Unity1Y
81Lee Morgan - Indeed!1Y
82Lee Morgan - Search for The New Land1Y
83Lee Morgan - The Gigolo1Y
84Lee Morgan - Tom Cat1N
85Lee Morgan - Vol. 31N
86Lee Morgan – Candy1Y
87Lee Morgan The Procrastinator1Y
88Lou Donaldson - LD +31Y
89Lou Takes Off1Y
90Louis Smith – Smithville1Y
91McCoy Tyner The Real McCoy1Y
92Paul Chambers Quintet1Y
93Pete La Roca – Basra1Y
94Sam Rivers - Fuchsia Swing Song1Y
95Sonny Clark - Cool Struttin1N
96Sonny Clark - Dial S For Sonny1N
97Sonny Clark - Leapin and Lopin1N
98Sonny Clark - Sonny's Crib1Y
99Sonny Rollins - Newk's Time1Y
100Sonny Rollins - Vol. 11NCORNER DING BOTTOM RIGHT
101Stanley Turrentine - Jubilee Shout!1N
102Stanley Turrentine - Up At Minton’s, Vol. 21Y
103Stanley Turrentine Look Out!1Y
104The Hank Mobley Quartet1Y
105The Magnificent Thad Jones1Y
106Tina Brooks - Back To The Tracks1Y
107Tina Brooks - True Blue1Y
108Wayne Shorter - Juju1Y
109Wayne Shorter - Night Dreamer1Y
110Wayne Shorter - Speak No Evil1Y
111Wayne Shorter - The Soothsayer1Y
112Wayne Shorter Adam's Apple1Y