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Vinyl: Beatles*1978 0riginal *Blue Vinyl LP(s) "1967-1970" Cap. *SEBX-11843* Excellent*

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15 Jan 2022
08 Jan 2022
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United States
The Beatles
Capitol Records
United States
British Invasion
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The Beatles-1978 SEBX-11843 *Blue Vinyl Version* "The Beatles / 1967-1970" Double LP (s) Capitol Records.

Cover- The Gate-Fold Cover has NO Splits, Tears, Writing or Stickers. An Exceptionally Clean Cover, Structurally Solid and shows NO Rub-Wear in the Photo Areas and Little if any Record Impression. Some Shelf-Wear, Color Loss on Bottom Edges and just a bit on Top Edges. The Spine has some Light Wear in some areas but there is No Cracking, and the Spine is Fully Legible. The Center Gate-Fold Shows No Issues. A Corner Bump at Bottom Left and a Spot or Two of Wear in the Blue Border. Very Nice. **Ex (-) to Excellent. **

Vinyl- The Labels are Clean with Little if Any Wear. A Few Light Lines at the Spindle Hole (s) perhaps, depending on the Light/Angle. The Vinyl is Shiny & Clean and may show a Faint/Light Line or Mark in some areas. It is a Beautiful Translucent Blue **Excellent**

Inner Sleeves- The Blue Lyric Sleeves look Fantastic with NO Writing and a few Faint/ Light Creases at some Corners. They both have a Small Split at Bottom Middle and one has Splits at Both Middle Sides and the other just has One Side Middle Split. **Vg (+) to EX. (-) **

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