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Blu-ray: Elvis presley in concert 1977 CBS Box set blue ray and 2 cd's

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17 Apr 2017
16 Apr 2017
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United Kingdom
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Elvis Presley
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Elvis presley in concert 1977 CBS Box set blue ray and 2 cd's
This is a blu ray with the complete cbs tapes of Elvis in concert a region free import from concerts on blue ray.I am impressed with the quality of the CBS special the best I've seen so far AUDIO and picture crisp.The other concerts from Omaha and rapid city are better than I've seen quality wise Its the best we are going to get .It's a must have Box set with the complete tapes on one blue ray .There is also 2 cd's of 4 concerts. I love the artwork . CD 1 is Mongomory Feb 16th and Charlotte 21st Feb Cd 2 unreleased soundboard saginaw May 3rd The attention to detail with this Box set is good also enclosed a small booklet with information and great pictures. Bonus on the bluray is 2 hours of news items on the Death of presley etc.This blu ray will not playstation. Thanks