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78 rpm: Red Banner Ensemble / A. Alexandrov "At Caspian Grey Sea" CCCP 5289-50 NM- HEAR!

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19.98 USD
19.98 USD
01 Feb 2016
25 Jan 2016
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United States
78 rpm
Russian Federation
Fanfare National Anthem/Patriotic
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Red Banner Ensemble / A. Alexandrov "At Caspian Grey Sea" CCCP 5289-50 NM- HEAR!

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Red Banner Ensemble / A. Alexandrov "At Caspian Grey Sea" CCCP 5289-50 NM- HEAR!

Scarce Russian 78, especially in this condition:

The Red Banner Ensemble; music by A. Alexandrov

"At Caspian Grey Sea" / "Song About Tachanka"

CCCP # 9221-15608 (Soviet Union)

CLEAN disc visually graded NM- with full gloss, not one scratch (play grades lower). Clean labels. Pressed slightly off-center. Jacket is VG+ with no seam splits; stickers both sides (removal has not been attempted)

Audio samples:

At Caspian Grey Sea

Click to hear it

Song About Tachanka

Click to hear it

This disc has been carefully cleaned with a Nitty Gritty 2.5Fi-XP Record Cleaning Machine. Dubbed with a Stanton STR8.150 turntable at 78rpm. Mono sound files are flat / no EQ, no noise reduction or other masking. What you hear is exactly what you get! You won't be disappointed!

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