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Vinyl: The Beatles, 'Love me do' genuine demo, McArtney, Vg+, letter of authenticity From pressing plant worker, 7xce17144-1, ZT/JR

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3,495.00 GBP
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3,495.00 GBP
30 Sep 2015
29 Sep 2015
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United Kingdom
The Beatles
Pop & Beat: 1960s
The Beatles
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The Beatles, 'Love me do' genuine demo, McArtney, Vg+, letter of authenticity From pressing plant worker, 7xce17144-1, ZT/JR
A completely genuine offering of a holy grail collectable, absolutely risk free addition, with outstanding provenance. Love me do, A label demo, with correct numbers, 7XCE17144-1. . . ZT/JR codes. . . THIS IS A FULLY GUARANTEED SALE, WITH A FULL REFUND OFFERED, IF YOU ARE DISSATISFIED FOR ANY REASON. . . I have been an avid collector, and occasional seller for 25+ years. I love vinyl, and have been lucky enough to own and handle numerous rarities over the years, Tudor Lodge, Samantha Promotions, July, Grannie, Earth Angel, True 1st Court of the crimson king, Stake & chips, and more.... . . But my best ever find, was one of my earlist. I had a 'records wanted add' running in a local supermarket in Burnham On Sea, Somerset in 1993. I got a call from a nice chap, who said he had a small collection, mostly garnered from when he worked at a pressing plant from the late 50's to the late 60's. I visited, and bought a number of demo records from the era, about 50, covering a wide range of genere's. . . Love me do came from this collection. Interestingly, he was the man responsible for running the Love me do demo's, though pointed out that the spelling mistake was not his fault, he had heard of neither Sir Paul, or the band. He told me that demo's generally ran between 250 and 750 copies each, and as is now pretty common knowledge, were housed in stock sleeves, not the 'Top of the pops!' ones that most copies are usually sold in..... . . He kindly offered to write me a letter, outlining his time at the plant, and his involvement in the pressing of this wonder. This letter (one full side of handwritten A4) has remained with the disc since, and comes with this sale. . . The reason for the lack of scan of this letter is because both items are safely stored away at my mother's in North Yorkshire, though my memory of the contents is good, it states what I have described above. . . The photograph was taken with an early digital camera, when I started listing the record as an individual inventory item on my household insurance. . . The reason for the sale, and the very slight lack of organisation in the matter is because, unexpectedly, an opportunity has arisen to purchase one of my other loves, a superb classic car (if it holds any interest, it is a Jensen Interceptor FF) the world's first production 4 wheel drive car. It's not cheap, in fact it's very expensive, and I want it. But the seller is totally desperate for funds, hence the sensibly priced Buy It Now opportunity. . . Condition, as the 60's wore on, the seller's children, like many, loved the fab 4, and played, but not overplayed the disc. . . The vinyl on side a is vg++ visually, bright and glossy, with a little scuffing, but no feel able marks, and no visable scratches. Side b was played less, and is a pleasing ex- . . Aurally, both sides play ex, with a shade of crackle coming in and going out, but no distortion, no hiss, no clicks and no jumps. The disc is totally flat. . . Labels are both ex-, showing no printing wear, tears, writing or damage. Many I suspect would grade this as full ex. Very minor yellowing due to age leaves me to remain conservative. . . So, there it is. One of the most genuine opportunities to buy this wonderful object. Very few circumstances would ever have persuaded me to part with this other than the chance to own a dream car. . . Fully guaranteed. Courier postage worldwide is free. Obviously photographs of despatch and a tracking number will be provided, the disc will be fully insured. . . Foreign buyers are able to discuss with me how best to describe this for customs purposes. . . I think that's all. The sale is B.I.N with no price negotiation, and immediate payment. . . Upon receipt of this, I will visit my mother within 48 hours to collect the disc and the supporting letter, and will despatch the next day. . . Thanks for reading.