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Vinyl: Elvis "Loving You" Original Press Book 14" x 12" 1957 $300 Book value 20th Cent.

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21 Nov 2021
14 Nov 2021
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United States
Elvis Presley
Rock & Pop
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Elvis "Loving You" Original Press Book 14" x 12" 1957 $300 Book value 20th Cent.
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Title: "Loving You" Original Press Guide from the Movie Years

Catalog Number: 20th Century Fox

Condition Of Item: Press Guide Condition: VG+

Year of Issue: 1957

A Closer Look: Today I am offering my collection of great original Elvis movie press guides or books from nearly all of his movies. Nearly all of them are in great uncut shape, I will point out if there are any cut outs. These press guides are very rare, these were produced by the movie companies to promote the movie with camera ready art and other infomation about the movie, even preprinted articles for the local newspapers. These are all super rare. Pictures in ad are just a sampling, many more pages!

This is the super rare press book from the 1957 Loving You, it is completely intact and in fine condition, 25 pages long, just some very light handling, all pages are in nice shape, this one is super rare, books calls it out at $300, I have only seen two of these in all my years of Elvis searching, certainly worth all of that if not more.

Note on Packaging: All items are in shipped in mylar resealable sleeves, the finest in the industry today. All records are packaged outside their covers to prevent any sort of ring wear from developing or seam splits in transit.


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Very Good Plus (VG+): This record will show some signs that it was played and otherwise handled carefully by the previous owner. Record surfaces will show some light signs of paper scuffing or light scratches, that don't affect the listening experience. Slight warps that do not affect sound are OK. This disc should still contain much of its original luster and sheen. The covers and picture sleeves should also be in very nice shape, they may have light ring wear or other signs of wear, may have a small cut out hole, indention or stamping present. Also there can be non obvious writing on the paper goods.

Very Good (VG): Many of the defects found in the VG+ record and cover will be present but more pronounced in the VG item. Surface noise will be evident, although the record should play through without skipping or repeating. Groove wear will now be noticable, scuffing and light scratching will be appearent, a scratch now can be felt with a fingernail. Labels will be marred with tape or tape residue, stickers or descret writing. The same will be true for the LP cover or picture sleeve.

Good (G): Good does not mean bad! A record in good condition should be placed on a turntable and it should play through, all though the surface noise will be evident. A cover or picture sleeve will have seam splitting, especially on the bottom seam or spine. Also there will be noticable ring wear caused by the presence of the record. The defects will start to overwhere this item.

Fair (F) or Poor (P): This record will be cracked, badly warped, and will not play through without skipping or repeating. The picture sleeeve or LP cover will show lots and lots of wear, the seams will be split on all three sides barely able to hold the record. This item will appear near valueless, unless of course it is a rarity that may not be seen again.