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Vinyl: Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti SSK89400 WB Logo Vinyl LP Record

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06 Mar 2019
22 Feb 2019
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United Kingdom
Led Zeppelin
Pop & Beat: 1960s
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Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti SSK89400 WB Logo Vinyl LP Record

Unfortunately we do not play test on items under a certain threshold, thank you for understanding! However we do grade as accurately as possible so that you get exactly what is listed!

Outer Sleeve

Overall graded VG. Has a few creases on the cover and has a couple of splits where the vinyl slots in too which pictures will show! Also has some scuffs in the corners too! Overall VG condition!

Inner Sleeve

Original inners VG. Has some very small marks on the inners and and some small creases, but overall VG condition.

Record & Labels.

Overall graded VG. There are some surface marks on both vinyl and there is some noticeable marks on the vinyl too which pictures will show. Labels are in VG condition. Ov erall VG condition.

Please see the high quality photos as these form part of our description.

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