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Vinyl: David Bowie "Prettiest Star" MEGA RARE Japan PROMO Mono 7" 45 Marc Bolan T. Rex

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02 Jul 2015
29 Jun 2015
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David Bowie
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David Bowie "Prettiest Star" MEGA RARE Japan PROMO Mono 7" 45 Marc Bolan T. Rex

David Bowie "The Prettiest Star" MEGA RARE Japanese PROMO 7"

Record retains it's original bright shine throughout but does have a handful of surface marks only visible in bright light. Plays GREAT! Cover is a 2 sided picture sheet inside a Japanese rice paper sleeve with Japanese handwriting on the front (of the rice paper sleeve, not the actual insert). Insert has a couple minor creases.




With Marc Bolan of T. Rex on Guitar before they overdubbed him on the Aladdin Sane version of the recording

This record is already one of the HOLY GRAILS for David Bowie collectors as a regular Japanese release and this is the PROMO Edition of the holy grail. I've searched high and low and I have seen NO instances of the Promo Edition selling online, ever. If you see an old listing where this has sold please let me know! The regular edition sells for around $5,000 and I've only seen it come up twice in my research, and again, twice for the regular edition. The Wikipedia page for The Prettiest Star claims the single sold only 800 copies. I'm not sure if that's worldwide or for a certain region but it speaks to the rarity of any copy of the single. If you Google search "Prettiest Star Japan" you can see one David Bowie discography site that has pictures of this record and certain pressing information, but again, no info on any online sales.

Out Of Print on Philips Records/Nippon Phonogram, 1970 - SFL-1277

NOTE: Record will ship inside a 7" mailer packed inside an oversized box with extra padding inside

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