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Vinyl: Venom Black Metal 1982 UK Original Vinyl LP NEAT 1005 Embossed Cover - Red Label

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110.00 USD
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19 Nov 2022
19 Nov 2022
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United States
Neat Records
United Kingdom
Black/Gothic Metal
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You are bidding on Venom - Black Metal - 1982 - Neat Records 1005, with red Neat Logo on the Side B label, and Printed and made by SLEEVEPRINT LTD Bedford on the back lower right side. This copy includes the poster, in near mint condition, the lyric sheet insert in near mint condition, and the original generic album sleeve.
This album looks like new, and is part of a large well cared for collection. The jacket is in near mint condition as well. Please examine all of the pics closely.

Black Metal
To Hell And Back
Buried Alive
Raise The Dead
Teachers Pet

Leave Me In Hell
Heaven's On Fire
Countess Bathory
Don't Burn The Witch
- At War With Satan

This album will ship in a 4MM Clear Sleeve, and well protected. The album has been dry cleaned and wet cleaned for the auction.

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