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DVD: Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose White Stripes Third Man Vault 24 DVD pin 7in photos

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122.50 USD
77.00 USD
13 Oct 2022
06 Oct 2022
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United States
Jack White
Third Man Records
United States
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Third Man records vault 24 includes:

-Vinyl lp of Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose on orange clear vinyl

-DVD "jack white and Loretta lynn remembering Van Lear rose" unopened

-7 inch vinyl record of the white stripes

-embossed Loretta lynn card

-photos of Jack white and Loretta lynn

-enamel Rose pin

Original owner, only listened to a couple of times. Smoke free home, kept in a plastic record sleeve.

Please see photos for condition and let me know if you have questions.