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Vinyl: Johny Cash "Raged Old Flag" (Mint Vinyl / 1st Rel-1974 / KC 32917)

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14 Jun 2022
14 Jun 2022
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United States
Johnny Cash
United States
World Music
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Johny Cash "Raged Old Flag" (Mint Vinyl / 1st Rel-1974 / KC 32917)
A very nice copy of the "Terre Haute" first release from 1974.....Cover has one corner bump (pic 4) and some general light wear on the back....Vinyl looks perfect (mint)...Pic's and notes!
Notes On This Release:
1. no print code on cover sleeve. A ll else matches Johnny Cash - Ragged Old Flag
2. A1 Recorded at a Columbia luncheon at the House of Cash.
3. The selections are BMI
4. Thanks To: Chuck Cochran, Arranger; Kenny Malone; Charlie McCoy; Joe Allen; Members of Nashville Symphony Special Thanks to
Earl Scruggs who plays banjo on this record and to the Oak Ridge Boys who sing.

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