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Vinyl: JUTTA HIPP At The Hickory House Vol. 1 LP - BLUE NOTE Mono RVG, 767 Lex BLP 1515

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1,144.00 USD
35.00 USD
18 Mar 2023
11 Mar 2023
28 bids
United States
Jutta Hipp
Blue Note Records
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You are bidding on Blue Note LP from Jutta Hipp titled Jutta Hipp at the Hickory House, Vol. 1. Found at an estate, this original LP is an early edition with the following:
  • RVG etched in Deadwax
  • 767 Lexington Address on album and album sleeve (Dates to 1956 - the release year)
  • Mono Pressing
  • BN-LR-1515-A etched in Deadwax
Condition: For a recent album, I would rate it as VG to VG+ but for a record from 1956, I would say it is a bit higher. Some very good luster and some light scratches in spots but nothing bad. Overall very clean from a record that is 75+ years old. There is no interior sleeve. The outside is nice but has some wear. No tears in the sleeve on the spine (as can be the case in other LP's). Photos are a good representation. A real find.

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