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Vinyl: MADNESS - DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT - 1980 12" PROMO VINYL RECORD cd lp 2 tone ska

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498.50 GBP
28 Nov 2022
04 Nov 2022
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United Kingdom
Stiff Records
United Kingdom
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Item Details:

Promo only Madness 12" from 1980. Supposedly a limited edition of 500, but more likely highly than this. During the 80s this one of the most sought after Madness collectors' items, now there are rarer items that sell for more. Still an essential item for any Madness collection and at a fairly reasonable price compared to a lot of their items these days. I believe that the versions of "Don't Quote Me on That" and "Swan Lake" that this record plays are not available anywhere else.

The vinyl is in excellent condition. The sleeve is a little worn but perfectly respectable ...the item in the pictures is the item we are selling so you can see for yourself the condition of the sleeve.

[A tip for Madness collectors, if you want a better condition sleeve for this item search for less collectable Stiff artists who also released 12"s in this generic Stiff sleeve like Lene Lovich, you can pick them up for about a fiver]
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