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Cassette: Depeche Mode -The Wherehouse Original Promo Tape KROQ 1990

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11 Jun 2021
10 Jun 2021
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United Kingdom
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Depeche Mode
Mute Records, Sire Records
United States
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Depeche Mode -The Wherehouse Original Promo Tape KROQ 1990

Cassette is original 1990 Mute / Sire Records release. Only played once many years ago upon release. Some slight discolouration to inlay due to age. Cassette itself is mint.

DEPECHE MODE "The Wherehouse 3/20/90" - Scarce 1990 US cassette featuring an interview recorded on 20th March 1990 with a running time of 19:32 minutes.

The Wherehouse 3/20/1990 (Sire/Reprise PRO-C-4329) is a promotional cassette tape that was presented as an apology to fans who were inconvenienced or suffered minor injuries as a result of the 20 March u high turnout of approximately 20,000 fans.

Also, Exclusively featuring the track Something To Do (Metal Mix Version) same 2 tracks on both sides of the cassette. Black & white cassette case w/custom picture sleeve! (PRO-C-4329)