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Vinyl: Lillie Bryant 45 RPM - Meet Me Halfway / Mama - Tay-Ster TS-6016 - Northern Soul

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2,999.99 USD
2,999.99 USD
02 Jun 2021
02 Jun 2021
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United States
Lillie Bryant
Tay-Ster Records
Northern Soul
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Wow! Here is an absolutely impossibly rare 45 RPM record from Lillie Bryant entitled "Mama" / "Meet Me Halfway". The single is on Tay-Ster Records TS 6016. From everything I researched, this is an original pressing. Here is the pertinent information that should confirm that this is the case:
  • The run out in the dead wax is "1257" and "1258" on each side. Per Discogs, this is consistent with the original pressing.
  • This record was purchased as part of a small, curated collection of similar northern soul 45's mostly from the 1960's.
  • The catalog number, artist, title, and appearance of the record are consistent with the original pressing on Tay-Ster.
The record is in VG condition, at the least. I am likely under grading, but I wanted to be conservative. I can see light marks/scuffs on each side, but I play tested both sides and they sound strong. No skips, no significant playback issues. Just some typical background noise.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I will answer right away. Winning bidder will receive free Priority Mail shipping on this item. International bidders will pay calculated shipping charges via eBay International Standard Delivery. Have fun and bid often!