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DAT: Pink Floyd - Live 04.28.72 Auditorium Chicago & 06.18.75 Boston Garden - 2 DAT

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50.00 USD
50.00 USD
14 Dec 2020
12 Dec 2020
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United States
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Pink Floyd
United States
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Pink Floyd - 2 fantastic Live Concerts on 2 DAT

04.28.72 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago IL - comlete show
Source: Unknown - Audience FOB > Cassette > DAT
see photo for Setlist

06.18.75 Boston Garden, Boston MA - complete show
Source: Unknown - SBD > Casstte > DAT
see photo for Setlist

I have played them in full recently (to transfer to SDD). No Error rates on my SV3800, No Digi-Noise either

REMINDER: You are bidding on 2 recorded DAT Tapes (not Cassette). Sold As Used Blank Media.

Shipping: USPS Media Mail in waterproof bubble wrap mailer. No PO Box, nor GSP, USA Only

Let me know if you have any questions. Make sure to view now & then my other Grateful Dead and Rock audio listings.