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Reel-to-reel: Raul Marrero, Louie Ramirez & His Orchestra: Jamás Lo Vas A Saber 1 Tape 15 Ips

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149.00 USD
149.00 USD
15 May 2021
31 Mar 2020
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Very Good
Fonodisco ‎– LP-536
Latin Pop
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197? Studio Production Copy 15 Ips 1 Reel to Reel tape for
Raul Marrero, Louie Ramirez & His Orchestra: Jamás Lo Vas A Saber
This is one of the rarest tapes original almost unique, for good fans and collectors.

This a original very rare Studio Production Copy Tape.
This is a 15 Ips Scotch tape. Due to the age of the tape a tape cleaning was done but may need better cleaning.
Original box is included in fair condition
This is a very rare opportunity for all serious Collector's to add to their music collection.


The Reel to Reel Tape is being sold as Rarity Object and for it's Collector value only. The rights to the music is Copyrighted and can not be used for production of any kind.


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