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Vinyl: LEONID KOGAN Violin E. GILELS 1ED UK SAX 2531 STEREO 2-One Sided TEST ARCHIV LPs Columbia Stereo - SAX 2531 - Two Single-sided TEST LPs

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12,331.00 USD
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08 Sep 2019
01 Sep 2019
38 bids
United Kingdom
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Leonid Kogan and Elizabeth Gilels

Sonatas for Two Violins by:


Columbia Stereo - SAX 2531 - Two Single-sided TEST PRESSINGS

Made in England

2 Lps are Mint- / Cover is Generic

The Stamped Matrix says :
  • YLX 1129 2I 2G M6 229318
  • YLX 1130 2I 2G M6 229317

Im selling another load of EMI Promo Archive copys , most of them probably unplayed ; all coming from the estate of a former EMI representant.

Information : I checked especially all the german EMI Lps if there are any of those common pressing bubbles , all the the german EMI Lps dont show any pressing bubbles !

Note: i grade the lps visually, i dont listen to them. If you think you cannot accept this please do not bid, i dont wanna be into discussions about tics on 70 years old unplayed records. this is very important for me that you understand this. thank you !