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Vinyl: Kiss Music from the Elder Limited Edition Picture Disc Read Description 2022

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1,000.00 USD
1,000.00 USD
25 Nov 2021
24 Nov 2021
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United States
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Musical/Original Cast
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Kiss Music from the Elder Limited Edition Picture Disc Read Description 2022

THIS IS A PRE ORDER AND I ONLY HAVE 1 COPY!! Read Description Please!

Kiss Music from the Elder Limited Edition Picture Disc. 40th Anniversary Super Limited Edition Picture Disc. LIMITED EDITION - ONLY 500 MADE!

This is a preorder and is scheduled for release in March 2022. I was only able to get 1 copy, so this is my copy that will leave a hole in my collection. I am willing to let it go for the right price. It is limited to 500 and my order has been confirmed and not canceled. If I am going to give up my copy, then I need to be worth it to me. This will not ship until received in March of 2022. If the factory delays the arrival, it will ship 1 day after I receive it.

This 40th Anniversary edition of Music from The Elder will quickly become one of the treasured pieces in a select few KISS fan's collections. This edition sports a premium gatefold jacket adorned with the cover art from the Japanese market and includes lyric translations as well as a specially designed 3D lenticular litho.

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