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Vinyl: Elvis Presley Sun 45 Misprint 209 That's All Right / Blue Moon of Kentucky.

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5,600.00 USD
5,600.00 USD
30 Oct 2021
29 Oct 2021
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United States
Elvis Presley
Sun Records
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Here's your chance to own a piece of history. For Elvis collectors, and collectors in general who are searching for rare valuable vinyl records.

This is the single most sought after circulation copy of any Elvis Presley record ever released!
Only acetates number fewer than this, and they were never meant for the public.

Only a few hundred copies were made for the first pressings.

This copy may possibly be the finest known example remaining!

This is the rare, true first pressing misprint of Elvis Presley’s first ever single.
It was the first of five singles Elvis released on the Sun label.

Sam Phillips was in such a rush to get Elvis’ first record out, no one noticed catalog number 209 on the B-Side was upside down.
It was quickly caught and subsequent pressings were corrected.

The 1st pressing with the upside down 209 is one of the rarest Elvis collectables!

The 1st pressing has the original push marks, Delta pressing. As well as the 72 on the Matrix.

Sun pressings were known to have been pressed with a 78 RPM gauge needle.

The record does have the infamous “Sun hiss”, which is a result of Sun cutting early records with a 78rpm needle,
As compared to the thinner ‘Microgroove’ needle that was introduced with the LP format.
So when you play your Elvis 45s on modern equipment, the result again is what’s known as the Sun hiss.

Record Condition is VG+ With minor scratches and scuffs. Very clean copy for it's age.
Please see photos.
Label Condition is VG++ Both labels are in excellent condition.
Please see photos.

The Audio plays all the way through with no skips.

Will be shipped registered mail in a Sun record sleeve.

Very secure, safe packaging.

All sales are final.

Thank you very much for looking!