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Cassette: 20 x Daupe Cassettes - FLYGOD, HWH 1-5 - Westside Gunn, Conway - Griselda

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06 Apr 2022
31 Oct 2021
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United Kingdom
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Westside Gunn
Rap & Hip-Hop
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Collection of Daupe! Cassettes from Westside Gunn, Conway, Benny and The Purist. All in mint condition except for a chip on the Roses case that happened during delivery.
The 20 cassettes you'll get are:
Westside Gunn - Flygod
Westside Gunn - HWH 1
Westside Gunn - HWH 2
Westside Gunn - HWH 3
Westside Gunn - HWH 4
Westside Gunn - HWH 5
Westside Gunn - Supreme Blientele
Westside Gunn - God is the Greatest
Westside Gunn - Chis Benoit
Westside Gunn - H on Steroids
Westside Gunn - 4th Rope
Westside Gunn - There's God and There's Flygod
Westside Gunn & The Purist - Roses are Red
Westside Gunn & Conway - Griselda Ghost
Westside Gunn & Conway - Hall and Nash
Conway - Reject 2
Conway - Reject on Steroids
Benny the Butcher - Tana Talk 3
GxFR - Don't Get Scared Now
The Purist - Pyrex Scholar

These are all editions of 80. They're all authentic (Daupe! cassettes were never sealed). I've been collecting Daupe! from the start, you can check out my Instagram if you need further validation @createsober

Please no time wasters. This is best opportunity you'll get to boost your collection in one foul swoop.