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Vinyl: KISS Blue Label Stock 45 Let Me Go Rock and Roll b/w Hotter Than Hell Single Recognized as THE rarest KISS vinyl. Only 3 exist.

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8,563.53 USD
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01 Mar 2021
19 Feb 2021
36 bids
United States
Casablanca Blue Label
United States
Hard Rock
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The rarest KISS vinyl in the world - Let Me Go Rock and Roll / Hotter Than Hell Original Blue Label Stock copy 45 Single. Less than 140 appear to have ever been pressed based on Casablanca documents according to paper work owned by KISS FAQ Webmaster Julian Gill. Only 3 copies have ever been documented, with the last copy breaking the $5,000 barrier at auction.
The three copies break down condition grade in this order:

Recent $5,000 copy - VG condition
The Second copy has an Ace Frehley autograph in paint pen on one side. This otherwise NM record is VG+ because of the writing. I have held that copy in my hands.

This copy is NM based on any grading standard. I bought this copy about 8 years ago from Gary Conn Jr, the editor of KISSaholics. He owned it for years before. All three copies that exist have been heavily documented.

I will reveal this one tidbit that should calm any concerns of this record ever being counterfeited. The trail off wax inscription on the "Money Side" (Hotter Than Hell) does NOT match the Filmworks trail off wax. Someone would have to have this copy in their hands to counterfeit it properly.

10 day auction - 99 cent start