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Vinyl: Bach - Pierre Fournier - Cello Suites Solo 1 to 6 Archiv SAPM 3xLP Rare

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12 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018
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Johann Sebastian Bach
Archiv Produktion
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JS Bach - Pierre Fournier - Suiten Für Violoncello Solo N°1 to N°6 Archiv Produktion DE - SAPM 3xLP

Johann Sebastian Bach - Pierre Fournier - Suiten Für Violoncello Solo
Very rare set of the 3 Records cello suite, vinyls are in perfect conditions, covers are very good, with all the inserts.

Archiv Produktion – 198 186 SAPM
Archiv Production – 198 187 SAPM
Archiv Production – 198 188 SAPM
IX. Forschungsbereich - Das Schaffen Johann Sebastian Bachs – Serie I: Kammermusik

Suite Für Violoncello Solo
No. 1 G-dur, BWV 1007
No. 2 d-moll, BWV 1008
No. 3 In C Major, BWV 1009
No. 4 In E Flat Major, BWV 1010
No. 5 In C Minor BWV 1011
No. 6 In D Major BWV 1012

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