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Vinyl: Mama's and Papa's If You Can Believe Your Eyes Original Toilet Cover WLP Mono

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623.78 USD
298.95 USD
11 Jun 2024
01 Jun 2024
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United States
The Mama's and the Papa's
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After the Beatles Butcher cover, the Toilet cover is one of the very hard to find withdrawn covers. This copy is is unbelievably rare as it is a Mono WLP. I couldn't find another. The front cover shot is clean with hardly a hint of rubbing. No tears, nicks, writing or stains. The rear is equally nice. The top seam is split 50%. The bottom seam is rubbed but not split. The rear seam is mostly intact with considerable rubbing to the text. Still this copy presents very well. There are no bumps or creases. The record is a pretty solid very good plus with a couple hairlines that don't affect the sound. It is clean and glossy. A super scarce copy!

My shipping is high because I will have to purchase insurance on this one.