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Cassette: Death Metal Cassette Tapes Mixed Lot Of 40 Pictures Show Titles Of Cassettes!

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495.00 USD
495.00 USD
06 Apr 2024
30 Mar 2024
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United States
Very Good
Various Artists
Musical/Original Cast
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Get your hands on this amazing mixed lot of 40 Death Metal cassette tapes! Featuring various artists and musical styles, this collection is a must-have for any Metal fan. Each cassette is in great working condition and ready to be enjoyed.

With a mix of classic and modern releases, this lot includes something for everyone. From the hard-hitting riffs to the intense vocals, these cassettes are sure to get your heart racing. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add these rare gems to your collection. Order now and experience the raw power of Death Metal!

40 vintage cassettes

Estate sale

Shipping and handling