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CD: Iron Maiden - Senjutsu Fan Club wooden box set (2021 copies worldwide) PREORDER

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04 Sep 2021
28 Aug 2021
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Iron Maiden
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Limited deluxe handmade wooden box edition of Iron Maiden's latest studio album, Senjutsu (official release date September, 3d). Only 2021 copies worldwide and already sold out everywhere.

THIS IS A PREORDER! EVERY IRON MAIDEN FAN CLUB MEMBER IS GOING TO RECEIVE THE BOX AT THE BEGINNING OF SEPTEMBER. As soon as I get it, I will ship it to the buyer via TNT courier in Italy (registered) or FedEx courier (registered) in the rest of the world. Shipping is FREE and I will obviously provide the tracking number to the buyer.

Package will be well made and protected.


Handcrafted, lacquered wooden box, approx: 32cm x 22.5cm x 8cm


The 2CD digipak version of Senjutsu

The Blu-Ray digipak of The Writing On The Wall, including a making-of video and sleeve notes

A decorated board portfolio containing the following:

An exclusive Mark Wilkinson print, signed and stamped by the man himself

A unique artwork print in Japan's Ukiyo-e tradition illustrated by Masumi Ishikawa, who previously created 2 pieces of Iron Maiden ukiyo-e works.

An Eddie lenticular

A Japanese hanko-style Eddie stamp, made of teak and engraved, in an engraved teak case.

A Japanese-style tsuba - a decorated metal sword hilt typically worn by the Samurai.

A Senjutsu Eddie pendant necklace

A printed canvas banner with wooden ends

A certificate of authenticity presented in an envelope inspired by Japanese celebratory Shugi Bukuro envelopes and featuring an intricate bow: a mizuhiki.