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Vinyl: Genuine BEATLES Christmas Album 1970 Rifle & Bell Sound Stamp, 1.5" diam. ring.

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212.00 USD
212.00 USD
21 May 2020
15 May 2020
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United States
The Beatles
Apple Records
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Has the shrink wrap intact.

The Beatles Christmas Album" was pressed in limited numbers and distributed to members of the official fan club. It is a compilation of The Beatles' Christmas singles recorded between 1963 and 1969. These were not formal musical efforts, but closer to off-the-cuff comedy. Early on, they tend to be cheery and thankful for their success, and later on the recordings are more esoteric. The album has been bootlegged many times; however, the LP offered here is an original according to the characteristics that differentiate a genuine issue from a later copy.

Comparing a suspected bogus cover to a known legitimate copy of "The Beatles Christmas Album" reveals subtle differences. The first batch of fake covers have blurred photos on the front. Later counterfeits have sharper images; however, some noticeable flaws remain. On legitimate covers, in the picture located in the lower left corner, both of Ringo's eyeballs are clearly visible. On all confirmed counterfeit copies, the right eye is covered by a dark shadow.

The above guidelines are needed for sealed copies of the album; however, if the album is not sealed, there is a much easier and reliable way to spot a fake. All legitimate copies of "The Beatles Christmas Album" were manufactured by at its Winchester, Virginia factory. The pressing machines used by Capitol leave a visible 1 ½" - diameter indentation ring located 5/8" from the center hole. If the record has a different size indentation ring, then it is a fake. Most fakes have a significantly larger indentation ring.

Furthermore, this LP has the following traits of an original

· Cardboard Cover that is slightly metallic.

· 1 ½” indentation ring on both sides of the label

· The Winchester, VA pressing plant logo in the matrix (a hand drawn rifle) and a stamped "bell sound" logo

"Theatre Royal" is clearly legible in the 1967 group photograph on the cover

The inside sleeve may not be original as this one is opaque and I believe the original was clear. The cover is in good shape - It has shrink wrap, minor corner bumping and 1/2" split area on the bottom of the spine (see closeup photo). The record itself shows no scratches or marks on the surfaces.