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RCA tape cartridge: RCA Tape Cartridge Stereo Bob & Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular - NEW Old Stock

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39.99 USD
39.99 USD
20 Feb 2019
20 Feb 2019
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United States
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RCA tape cartridge
RCA Victor
Soundtracks & Musicals
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RCA Tape Cartridge Stereo Bob & Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular - NEW Old Stock
RCA Stereo Cartridge Tape Bob & Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular with Julie Andrews - NEW Old Stock. Still in original cellophane shrink wrap, but please note the cellophane does have rips and the box has stains (see photos). It appears some moisture stains on the box inside the cellophane. (see photos). Again this is wrapped in the original cellophane and has never been opened, it has been stored for many years, and of course is completely untested. It is being sold in strictly AS-IS condition with NO returns. Questions please ask before bidding. Buy with confidence from a proven vintage audio eBay seller with over 2900 satisfied customers with 100% positive feedback and Outstanding Detailed Seller Ratings. Thanks for looking!

RCA introduced a new cartridge recorder in 1958, using 1/8 inch magnetic tape at 3 3/4 ips and requiring a separate player/recorder. The stereophonic tapes -- which bore a striking resemblance to modern cassettes, but three times larger -- held two one-hour stereo programs, and a 1958 catalog of tapes (mostly fictitious) was released. By August 1959, player/recorder units were finally being shipped to distributors, but only 16 recordings were available. RCA had introduced portable units and playback-only units by 1961, and established a tape club to distribute the cartridges, mostly classical and light jazz instrumentals.