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Vinyl: Annlies Schmidt - Bach Suites Pour Violoncello Solo * Ducretet 3LP Box French

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12,500.00 USD
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30 Nov 2018
29 Nov 2018
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United States
Ducretet Thomson
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Annlies Schmidt - Bach Suites Pour Violoncello Solo * Ducretet Thomson #300 C 043-44-45 3LP Box French w/Original sleeves and booklet

Holy Grail of Classical Records. One of the finest examples ever offered. The vinyls are EX/NM and have all been play graded on my Music Hall MMF-5 audiophile turntable. Cleaned on VPI machine. Has original company sleeves with inner wax paper. The booklet is in EX condition. Box has some light wear but is solid for almost being 70 years old.

Cover: VG+ w/light restoration, please see pictures for details or feel free to ask questions regarding additional details of box.

Label: EX/NM

Vinyl: EX/NM plays very quiet

Shipping $4 (USA) $70 1-2 (LPs) (INTL)