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78 rpm: Swedish Rare 7” Record Military March Gramophone 78 rpm

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32.00 USD
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31 Jan 2016
24 Jan 2016
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78 rpm
Gramophone Record
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Swedish Rare 7” Record Military March Gramophone 78 rpm

The same shipping cost for 2 or 6 Records!

Please check my discount rates for multiple purchases. For example 

Russia, America  -   6 records $39 and up to 15 records only $49.

 Sweden  -   6 Records $22 

 Germany  -  15 Records $26 and to most of the Europe $36 etc.

Please wait for my invoice! Otherwise the shipping cost will be incorrect.

RUSSIAN & UKRAINIAN BIDDERS.I ship to Russia and Ukraine.If you have problems with bidding, please contact me in good time before the auction's end, so I'll check if Ebay has set restrictions or not, and will remove any.

PLEASE DON'T PAY BEFORE I HAVE SENT YOU THE INVOICE SOON AFTER THE AUCTION'S END. Otherwise there may be an incorrect postage fee. I am situated in Finland, so I can't ship at $4.

Please see the actual rates below.

78 rpm / 7” record

MILITÄR-ORKESTERN: Kungl. Södermanlands Reg:tes Paradmarsch/ Kungl. Kronobergs Regementes Paradmarsch

Released on Gramophone Records label #70015/ 70016 in about 191? in Sweden.


coverorg Grammophon sleeve with some writing

discEXCELLENT-looks superb

GRADING:I grade strictly under very bright spotlight to avoid exaggerating the condition.

Visual grading according to Record Collector standards.

I use the following grading categories from best to worst: NM   EX   VG+  VG  G   F.

METHODS OF PAYMENT:   I prefer PAYPAL. Ask for others

COST OF SHIPPING( =postage fee only, there is no handling cost):

I pack the 78 rpm records in a bubble wrap and in a secure package.

1 record  to Europe17 USD(economy letter)

 1 record  Overseas25 USD(economy letter)

 2 - 6  Recordsby parcel mail  **2 kg parcel** (= tracked & signed for)

--Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Benelux22 USD

--Other Europe(except RUS, NOR, CH)28 USD

--Russia, Norway, Switzerland, USA & other overseas39 USD

7 - 15  Records by parcel mail ** 5 kg parcel**  (= tracked & signed for)

--Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Benelux26 USD 

--Other Europe(except RUS, NOR, CH)36 USD

--Russia, Norway, Switzerland, USA & other Overseas49 USD

Actual postage only, or less. Absolutely no handling costs. I combine shipping.

Please don’t pay before I have sent you an invoice soon after the auction.