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Vinyl: Alexander Soundtrack - Vangelis - LTD. OUT OF PRINT Vinyl Record (NEW/SEALED)

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39.95 USD
39.95 USD
02 Aug 2022
23 Jun 2022
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United States
Brand New
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Alexander Soundtrack - Vangelis - LTD. OUT OF PRINT Vinyl Record (NEW/SEALED)

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A1 Introduction1:32
A2 Young Alexander1:36
A3 Titans3:59
A4 The Drums Of Gaugamela5:20
B1 One Morning At Pella2:11
B2 Roxane's Dance3:25
B3 Eastern Path2:58
B4 Gardens Of Delight5:24
C1 Roxane's Veil4:40
C2 Bagoas Dance2:29
C3 The Charge1:41
C4 Preparation1:42
C5 Across The Mountains4:12
D1 Chant1:38
D2 Immortality3:18
D3 Dream Of Babylon2:41
D4 Eternal Alexander4:37
D5 Tender Memories