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CD: LOU REED original CD What ever happened to Dick & Steve 1990 on Oh Boy

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57.77 CAD
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57.77 CAD
21 Apr 2019
14 Jan 2018
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Lou Reed
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LOU REED original CD What ever happened to Dick & Steve 1990 on Oh Boy




1 - 3/4 CDs (up to 500 gram) EURO 6.20 = 10.00 CAD (registered letter!)

Germany = 5.00 CAD

3/4 - 7/8 CDs (up to 1.000 gram) EURO 9.50 = 15.50 CAD (registered letter!)

Germany = 6.50 CAD

7/8 -15 CDs in 2 Envelops or in a parcel (up to 2000 gram) for EURO 17.90 = 29.00 CAD (registered parcel!)

Germany = Euro 7,00/9.50 CAD (Paket bis Euro 500,00 versichert)

15 and more CDs in a registered parcel (up to 5000 gram/incl. insurance up to Euro 500.00) for EURO 36.00 = 58.00 CAD

Europe = Euro 17,00/23.00 CAD

Germany = Euro 7,00/9.50 CAD (Paket bis Euro 500,00 versichert)


I am a private seller.

I am selling my Metal-CD- Collection. Around 50 % of my CDs I bought in or short after the pressing year. Around 25 % are from two trusted “collector-metal-friends”, who did it like me. The rest is from here (“Ebay”).

Here is from LOU REED:

“What ever happened to Dick & Steve” (Oh Boy / 1990)

I have a lot of rare and interesting CDs here in other auctions … have a look and feel free to ask any question.

If You search via “time ending soonest”, the CDs should be in an alphabetic order.

I´ve noticed, that sometimes my scan of a CD shows drops from the glass-cleaner and/or dust or something like that. If You are unsure with the condition of “the silvery”, I will send You another scan and/or a description.

Rating … if I rate a CD only “good”, there are of course generally some blemishes.

Shipping time … I go at the same day (if it is on my side of the world still day) of payment to my local post-office. Sometimes twice. If there is a post/mail strike in my or in Your country or if there is a natural disaster … it is not my fault, when a package comes later than usual!

Shipping costs … You can see on the package the stamps and compare it with the money I charged for … since a few months Ebay take also fees for the shipping fees (!), so at least I always (!) have to pay more than You, so there is no reason (apart from Your “feeling” for those shipping fees) to leave therefore a bad feedback. Apart from that … those 10.00 CAD for a registered letter (up to 500 gram) is through my eyes a sensational cheap service …

… and “Deutsche Post” makes near 100 % a perfect job!

The cases are around 90 % the old (and heavy). Please don´t plague me, when a few are not perfect and easy moveable … because if that is important, I will deliver a new one, if - and that will help a lot - You tell me before (!) the CD will be sent. Or You buy for a few Cents a new one.

And please don´t call the recording quality (especially live!) of an album to my account. I hadn´t made, - I only bought it.



The shipping costs are not including an insurance for lost (insurance up to Euro 100.00 for another 3.00 CAD).

I ship only with the case … consider it as to be an organic total work of art …