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Cassette: BLACK SABBATH Vintage Cassette Tape Lot

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132.50 USD
29.95 USD
06 May 2024
29 Apr 2024
41 bids
United States
Very Good
Black Sabbath
Warner Bros.
United States
Hard Rock
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Cassette Tape Lot:
Black Sabbath - 1970, Black Sabbath Master Of Reality - 1971, Black Sabbath Paranoid - 1971, Black Sabbath Vol. 4 - 1972, Black Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - 1974, Black Sabbath Sabotage - 1975, Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy - 1976, Black Sabbath Never Say Die - 1978, Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell - 1980, Black Sabbath Mob Rules - 1981, & Black Sabbath Born Again - 1983.

Condition: Very Good. All tapes in this lot are from a smoke free one owner private collection and are very clean. The felt pressure pads are all intact. The cassette tapes are white, and were purchased new in the mid to late 1980's.