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Vinyl: Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence Boxset Vinyl CD Lithographs RARE

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350.00 USD
350.00 USD
07 Sep 2023
03 Sep 2023
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United States
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Lana Del Rey
Rock & Pop
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For sale is a limited edition Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence box set that includes a double 180 gram pictures disk vinyl of the deluxe album, 4 lithographs, and the cd. It has been kept in good condition with only minor wear on the outside of the gatefold. The pictures are a good representation of the item.

I have a lot of rare collectible vinyl/music merch for sale now as I am cleaning out my collection so make sure to check out my other listings, and there are a lot of vinyl that I don’t have listed so if there is something you are looking for don’t hesitate to ask. Discounts are offered for buying multiple items as well. Let me know if you have any questions!