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78 rpm: Bert Kaempfert - WONDERLAND BY NIGHT - S.A. pressing POLYDOR 6800 - 78rpm RARE

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127.50 USD
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22 Sep 2022
15 Sep 2022
13 bids
United States
Bert Kaempfert
78 rpm
South Africa
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Here is a great instrumental classic 78rpm of South Africa pressing of POLYDOR 6800 of Bert Kaempfert & Orchestra with WONDERLAND BY NIGHT with the flip side....DREAMING THE BLUES.
It was recorded in 1959 but became a #1 hit in the U.S. in 1961.
This record is in VERYGOOD PLUS to EXCELLENT condition with VERY LIGHT scratches and scuffs. GREAT shine to the record.
ALL RECORDS ARE VIEW GRADED as I do not have a player to hear the sound.
I will have MORE rare rock & roll 78's listed soon, so please keep checking my listings!
Winning bidder will pay for all MEDIA MAIL AND INSURANCE and 78's will be WELL PACKED.
I will ship worldwide.
Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

In the next few months, I'll be selling some great 78's from the collection of Tom Aalberts. Four years ago, Tom had a house fire and lost a ton of music memorabilia from the 50's and 60's. After re-building some of his collection, Tom had another disaster happen a month or so ago. As he was driving into his underground garage one morning, his car engine blew up (Jaguar). Miraculously, Tom only escaped with a couple minor burns on his legs but the car and house was a disaster. A huge fireball blew with a ton of smoke going thru his basement and house. Again, Tom lost a few things but nothing like he did 4 years ago but Tom said enough was enough. One of the things he lost was his 78rpm Wurlitzer jukebox so he decided his collecting days are officially over. Tom has asked me to sell off his 78rpm collection so I will be listing several 78's every week (or so) and try to sell as much as I can. Many will go cheap but some will definitely not. Please keep watching my listings for some great records and your chance to own some of the coolest 78's around. Thank you!