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Vinyl: The Rolling Stones MFSL 1984 original master recordings 11 LPS box set brand new

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2,200.00 USD
2,200.00 USD
16 Apr 2021
23 Feb 2021
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United States
Brand New
The Rolling Stones
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
World Music
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the rolling stones 1984 MFSL original master recordings . this is a brand new item, that has been packed in the original packaging, and the original shipping box, from mobile fidelity for 37 years. the entire set , and the records , are brand new. and have never been out of the packing box. to sell this item, i now removed the set , to take pictures, and to confirm the record label, on the first album. the entire set is brand new and beautiful. this box set has a beautiful 12 by 12 art booklet, the geo disk, the warranty and inserts. the only thing I see, are a few visual spots , on the edge of the red outside album sleeve cover edges, for three of the album covers. this is from mobile fidelity, as it was issued brand new, and it is only on one edge, for a few spots. this set has never been touched or played, or even out of the packing box, since it was issued new in 1984. this set is MINT. this is a very rare find. the set # is 2466. the albums list. 1-(1964) The Rolling Stones 2-(1964) 12x5 3-(1965) out of our heads 4-(1966) aftermath. 5-(1967) between the buttons 6-(1967) their satanic majesties request. 7-(1968) beggars banquet 8-(1969) let it bleed. 9-(1970) get your ya-ya's out 10-(1971) hot rocks 2LPS. fast free shipping, signature required. thanks for looking.