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CD: THE BEATLES Four (4) CD "Alternate Rarities", Vol's 1-4 Alternates to Alternates

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40.00 USD
30 Jun 2020
28 Jun 2020
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United States
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The Beatles
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THE BEATLES Four (4) CD "Alternate Rarities", Vol's 1-4 Alternates to Alternates
Four disc, Volumes 1-4 "The Beatles Alternate Rarities" collection. This is the famous alternate rarities series - originally released as a counter to the Capitol "Rarities" LP, which was somewhat underwhelming in scope and song choice. This set fixes the omissions from the Capitol one-LP set.
Packaged in glossy sleeves with track information (mini LP format) Overlapping package is also thin stock. Very well done. Not silver back CD's, but excellent sound. Shipped with USPS media mail (although I reserve the right to upgrade).

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Item References: the Beatles, Apple Records, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Beatlemania