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CD: THE BEATLES Eight (8) CD "The Get Back Journals II" Sessions, Alternates, Etc...

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30 Jun 2020
17 Jun 2020
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The Beatles
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Incredible eight disc Get Back Journals II set from the Beatles. This is a sequel to Get Back Journals, which I currently have listed.

Recorded Jan 1969 at Twickenham, these recordings represent the recordings and rehearsals of the Beatles in preparation for their forthcoming album Get Back (as it was then). Contains the original nagra 2-track engineers recordings, called 'sync-tracks', they were used by the film crew to make work prints and to catalogue the different songs. There are an amazing amount of tracks (see below) - there are various versions of the Get Back/Let It Be album tracks plus new songs which the Beatles were working on at the time but were never used, there are also many old standards, a few renditions of old hits and many early versions of tracks which would later appear on the Abbey Road album. The Beatles were captured not just recording and rehearsing these songs, but jamming, tuning, chatting, arguing - and of course breaking up.

Packaged in glossy sleeves with track information (mini LP format) Overlapping package is also thin stock. Very well done. Not silver back CD's, but excellent sound. Shipped with USPS media mail (although I reserve the right to upgrade).

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Get Back Journals II


1-1 Sun King
1-2 Improvisation
1-3 All Things Must Pass
1-4 All Things Must Pass
1-5 All Things Must Pass
1-6 All Things Must Pass
1-7 All Things Must Pass
1-8 All Things Must Pass
1-9 All Things Must Pass
1-10 All Things Must Pass
1-11 All Things Must Pass
1-12 All Things Must Pass
1-13 All Things Must Pass
1-14 Unknown / Back In The U.S.S.R.
1-15 Every Little Thing
1-16 Piece Of My Heart
1-17 Sabre Dance
1-18 Piece Of My Heart
1-19 Over And Over Again
1-20 I've Been Good To You
1-21 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
1-22 I Want You
1-23 I'm Gonna Pay For His Ride
1-24 Don't Let Me Down
1-25 Oh! Darling
1-26 C'mon Marianne
1-27 I've Got A Feeling
1-28 I've Got A Feeling
1-29 High School Confidential
1-30 I've Got A Feeling
1-31 Hear Me Lord
1-32 Hear Me Lord
1-33 Improvisation
1-34 Tracks Of My Tears
1-35 Dizzie Miss Lizzie
1-36 Money (That's What I Want)
1-37 Fools Like Me
1-38 Sure To Fall
1-39 Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo
1-40 I'm Talking About You
2-1 Live Show Dialogue
2-2 Don't Let Me Down
2-3 Don't Let Me Down
2-4 Don't Let Me Down
2-5 Don't Let Me Down
2-6 Don't Let Me Down
2-7 Don't Let Me Down
2-8 Don't Let Me Down
2-9 Don't Let Me Down
2-10 Don't Let Me Down
2-11 Don't Let Me Down
2-12 Don't Let Me Down
2-13 Don't Let Me Down / Send Me Some Lovin'
2-14 Don't Let Me Down
2-15 Don't Let Me Down
2-16 Two Of Us
2-17 Two Of Us
2-18 Two Of Us
2-19 Two Of Us
2-20 Two Of Us
2-21 Two Of Us
3-1 Frere Jacques
3-2 It Ain't Me Babe
3-3 Two Of Us
3-4 Hear Me Lord
3-5 Hear Me Lord
3-6 Let's Dance
3-7 All Things Must Pass
3-8 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
3-9 Carry That Weight
3-10 The Long And Winding Road
3-11 Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
3-12 The Long And Winding Road
3-13 Instrumental
3-14 Instrumental
3-15 Lady Madonna
3-16 Instrumental
3-17 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
3-18 Improvisation
3-19 Instrumental
3-20 Mr Epstein Said It Was White Gold
3-21 Lowdown Blues Machine
3-22 What'd I Say / Carry That Weight / Shout!
3-23 Get Back
3-24 I've Got Rings On My Fingers
3-25 For You Blue
3-26 For You Blue
3-27 My Back Pages
3-28 I've Got A Feeling
3-29 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
3-30 Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
3-31 Improvisation
4-1 I Shall Be Released
4-2 To Kingdom Come
4-3 For You Blue
4-4 For You Blue
4-5 Improvisation
4-6 Bo Diddley
4-7 What The World Needs Now Is Love
4-8 Instrumental
4-9 First Call
4-10 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
4-11 I've Got A Feeling
4-12 Oh! Darling
4-13 The Long And Winding Road
4-14 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4-15 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4-16 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4-17 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4-18 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4-19 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4-20 Rule, Brittania
4-21 Improvisation
4-22 Improvisation
4-23 Speak To Me
4-24 Oh! Darling
4-25 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4-26 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
5-1 Improvisation
5-2 A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
5-3 (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
5-4 Across The Universe
5-5 Across The Universe
5-6 Across The Universe
5-7 Give Me Some Truth
5-8 Improvisation
5-9 Across The Universe
5-10 Across The Universe
5-11 Improvisation
5-12 Across The Universe
5-13 A Case Of The Blues
5-14 Cuddle Up / Give Me Some Time
5-15 Across The Universe
5-16 From Me To You
5-17 Across The Universe
5-18 Across The Universe
5-19 Rock And Roll Music
5-20 Lucille
5-21 Lotta Lovin' / Across The Universe
5-22 Gone Gone Gone
5-23 Dig A Pony
5-24 One After 909
5-25 One After 909
5-26 One After 909
5-27 One After 909
5-28 What'd I Say
5-29 One After 909
5-30 Improvisation
5-31 Don't Let Me Down
5-32 Don't Let Me Down
5-33 Don't Let Me Down
5-34 Don't Let Me Down
5-35 Don't Let Me Down / Devil In Her Heart
5-36 Devil In Her Heart
5-37 Don't Let Me Down
5-38 School Day
5-39 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
5-40 Improvisation
5-41 Honey Hush
5-42 Honey Hush
5-43 Stand By Me
5-44 Hare Krishna Mantra
5-45 Well If You're Ready
5-46 Hare Krishna Mantra
6-1 Two Of Us
6-2 You Got Me Going
6-3 Twist And Shout
6-4 Don't Let Me Down
6-5 I've Got A Feeling
6-6 St. Louis Blues
6-7 One After 909
6-8 Too Bad About Sorrows
6-9 Just Fun
6-10 She Said, She Said
6-11 All Things Must Pass
6-12 All Things Must Pass
6-13 All Things Must Pass
6-14 All Things Must Pass
6-15 All Things Must Pass
6-16 All Things Must Pass
6-17 All Things Must Pass
6-18 All Along The Watchtower
6-19 Mean Mr. Mustard
6-20 Don't Let Me Down
6-21 All Things Must Pass
6-22 Fools Like Me
6-23 You Win Again
6-24 Improvisation
6-25 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
6-26 I Me Mine
6-27 I Me Mine
6-28 How Do You Think I Feel
6-29 The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde
6-30 Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh!
6-31 I Me Mine
6-32 I Me Mine
6-33 I Me Mine
6-34 I Me Mine
6-35 Almost Grown
6-36 What Am I Livin' For?
6-37 Rock And Roll Music
6-38 I Me Mine
6-39 I Me Mine
6-40 I Me Mine
6-41 I Me Mine
6-42 Another Day
6-43 For You Blue
6-44 For You Blue
7-1 For You Blue
7-2 Improvisation
7-3 Two Of Us
7-4 Two Of Us
7-5 Two Of Us
7-6 Two Of Us
7-7 Two Of Us
7-8 Unknown / Two Of Us
7-9 I've Got A Feeling
7-10 One After 909
7-11 One After 909
7-12 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
7-13 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
7-14 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
7-15 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
7-16 Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo
7-17 Boogie Woogie
7-18 Baa, Baa Blacksheep
7-19 Mr. Bassman
7-20 Get Back
7-21 Instrumental
7-22 La Penina
7-23 Instrumental
7-24 Across The Universe
7-25 Across The Universe
7-26 Across The Universe
7-27 Teddy Boy
7-28 Junk
7-29 Across The Universe
7-30 Across The Universe
7-31 Shakin' In The Sixties
7-32 Move It
7-33 Good Rockin' Tonight
7-34 Let It Be
7-35 Let It Be
7-36 Let It Be
7-37 That'll Be The Day
7-38 I've Got A Feeling
7-39 Jenny Jenny / Slippin' And Slidin'
7-40 Let It Be
7-41 Let It Be
7-42 Let It Be
8-1 I'm Talking About You
8-2 A Quick One While He's Away
8-3 A Quick One While He's Away
8-4 Improvisation
8-5 Improvisation
8-6 Till There Was You
8-7 Maxwell's Silver Hammer / Mack The Knife
8-8 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
8-9 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
8-10 Don't Be Cruel
8-11 On A Sunny Island / Brazil / Groovin' / I Get Stung
8-12 Brazil
8-13 It's Only Make Believe
8-14 Through A London Window
8-15 The Long And Winding Road
8-16 Instrumental
8-17 Martha My Dear
8-18 Get Back
8-19 Instrumental
8-20 The Back Seat Of My Car
8-21 Improvisation
8-22 It's Just For You
8-23 It's Just For You
8-24 As Clear As A Bell Says La Scala, Milan
8-25 Hello Dolly
8-26 Madman
8-27 Mean Mr. Mustard / Madman
8-28 Watching Rainbows
8-29 Improvisation
8-30 Improvisation
8-31 Oh! Darling
8-32 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da